Midas Custom Jewels

Making Your Own Modern Heirloom

The decision to create a unique piece of art can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Midas aims to make the entire process enjoyable! Charles and our CAD specialist Cat Butler will assist you from start to finish: 

-providing initial design guidance

-creating a CAD of your chosen design

-sending the approved CAD to Midas’ 3-D printer where a wax of the design is created

-working with expert jeweler Aaron to ensure the casting, setting and finishing fulfill your vision for your piece and meet Midas’ high standards

Charles and Cat are happy to explore different design possibilties to suit your personal style, and attention to detail is very important. The details are what make a piece yours, whether you have an inherited gem, want a special finish that catches the light, or need a secret message engraved inside the band. Cat sums up her feelings about the design experience:

“I want to know people are going to smile when they see their piece, I want them to love it. I appreciate the meaning and beauty of each piece."

Our main goal is to always give customers an outstanding experience. We know how a cherished ring can connect you to your past or be a symbol of your future.  The Midas team works hard to ensure each finished piece is worthy of becoming a new family heirloom.

Ready to get started?

Call Midas at (512)467-7075 and make an appointment with Cat or Charles for a free consult on your future heirloom today!